When local radio DJ Tamsin Wheatley receives a series of mysterious cassette tapes from her late University Professor, she finds herself drawn into a world of ghosts, demons, standing stones, and terrifying black dogs.

Join her as she explores Wiltshire’s rich, mysterious, and sometimes even frightening history, where every village, town, dark copse, and country road has a story to tell.

“If you’re a fan of The Lovecraft Investigations, The Black Tapes, and The White Vault you are going to like this.”


FOLKLORE – Episode 1: Murder of a Sweetheart

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Mail #1 – The Attic Door

FOLKLORE – Teaser for Episode 2

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Mail #2 – The Toy Rabbit

FOLKLORE – Episode 2: Black Shuck

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Mail #2 – A Sound in the Kitchen

FOLKLORE – Teaser for Episode 3

FOLKLORE – SNEAK PEEK: The Silbury Hill Diaries

FOLKLORE – Episode 3: The Skeleton and the Stones

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Mail # 3 – Satan’s Wood

FOLKLORE – Teaser for Episode 4

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Mail #4 – The Witch House

FOLKLORE – Episode 4: Sally in the Wood

FOLKLORE – BONUS: Listener Phone-in #1 – The Photographer

THEME SONG – The Left Hand Path by Canute’s Plastic Army

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